How do I test my DNI pool with UTM parameters?

You have set up your DNI Pool with UTM parameters like sources, mediums, campaigns, now it is time to test it. 

For this case we will take the example of having a source: google, medium: cpc restriction. 


To test please make sure you are using a brand new incognito session on your browser, then you are able to input your website link where the DNI group is going to replace a number and add in the link string the UTM parameters. In this case, if the number on my website is on my site "", I would add the UTM parameters string as in the following example:


This will load your site with the parameters, remember to separate the parameters with the '&' character


UTM Parameters:

  • Source: utm_source=source
  • Medium: utm_medium=medium
  • Campaign: utm_campaign=campaign
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