Integrating FunnelFLARE Sales Enablement Software with ActiveDEMAND

ActiveDEMAND and FunnelFLARE have a fantastic integration. The integration provides:

  • full reflection of website visits, form fills, etc from ActiveDEMAND to FunnelFLARE (there is no need to use the FunnelFLARE WordPress plugin, you can just use the ActiveDEMAND WordPress plugin/website tracking)
  • Visibility into marketing activities from within your FunnelFLARE account
  • Workflow actions to update data in ActiveDEMAND from within FunnelFLARE


Data Architecture

1. Using FunnelFLARE with a CRM



There are multiple ways to leverage the integration. It is important to start by defining a data architecture.  The base case is where your company is using ActiveDEMAND as a marketing automation platform and driving leads to your sales organization. ActiveDEMAND is the system of record for all top-of-funnel prospects, the leads are passed to your CRM, and your CRM integration with FunnelFLARE maintains the existing integration. The ActiveDEMAND integration with FunnelFLARE passes information directly between the two applications without the need to move the data through the CRM.

  1. ActiveDEMAND communicates with your CRM (leads are assigned, deals are created, etc)
  2. Your CRM communicates with FunnelFLARE (prospect insights, tasks, calls, etc)
  3. FunnelFLARE and ActiveDEMAND share information regarding prospect activity on the web, marketing initiatives etc.


2. Using FunnelFLARE as your CRM

If you are using FunnelFLARE as your CRM, the data flow will be 



  1. ActiveDEMAND tracks the website using the ActiveDEMAND tracking script
  2. Using the Create Deal workflow action in the sales lead notification workflow, deals/contacts are created in FunnelFLARE (requires adding the FunnelFLARE integration inside your ActiveDEMAND account):
  3. Changes to deals, contacts, etc, in your FunnelFLARE account are posted automatically to AD (requires adding the FunnelFLARE integration inside your ActiveDEMAND account and setting the crm contact updates)
    -  New contact creations
    - Updated contacts (for contacts changed in FunnelFLARE)
    - WonDeals  for closed deals in FunnelFLARE
    - FunnelFLARE tracked Phone calls
  4. ActiveDEMAND automatically passes the following event data to FunnelFLARE (requires adding the ActiveDEMAND integration inside your FunnelFLARE account and setting up the CRM contact Updates within your FunnelFLARE account)
    - Site visits
    - Submitted forms
    - Deals set to won in ActiveDEMAND
    - Marketing email unsubscribes
    - ActiveDEMAND tracked phone calls
    - ActiveDEMAND tracked asset downloads

The above data flow shows what passes automatically between the ActiveDEMAND and FunnelFLARE accounts once you have added FunnelFLARE

Regardless of the set up, you will use the ActiveDEMAND tracking script on your website. ActiveDEMAND is responsible for the tracking before a record becomes a lead. Once it becomes a lead, FunnelFLARE will either get the contact from your CRM or From ActiveDEMAND. 


Adding the ActiveDEMAND application to your FunnelFLARE account 

In your FunnelFLARE account go to Administration -> Account Settings


Click the 'Add Application' button


Choose ActiveDEMAND and enter your ActiveDEMAND API key from your ActiveDEMAND account.


After saving you will see the field mapping will be exposed



The fields mapped here will be used when you use the 'Post to ActiveDEMAND' workflow action


As you are posting to the marketing automation system, we recommend mapping as much data as you can to the marketing system.


CRM Contact Updates

Similar to how FunnelFLARE works with other CRMs, there is a webhook connection between FunnelFLARE and ActiveDEMAND.



Setting this up will make a connection between FunnelFLARE and your ActiveDEMAND account. There is one fundamental difference in how this works compared to normal CRM integrations. This sets up a webhook that passes information from ActiveDEMAND to FunnelFLARE.

This when history data is created in ActiveDEMAND it passes the data to FunnelFLARE. Specifically:

  • Website visits (SiteVisit)
  • Submitted Forms (SubmittedForm)
  • File downloads (AssetDownload)
  • Unsubscribes
  • Phone calls (PhoneCall)
  • Email opens (EmailOpen)
  • Email link clicks (EmailLinkClick)
  • Won Deals (WonDeal)
  • Contact/org changes


Note: New Contacts in ActiveDEMAND are not automatically Posted to FunnelFLARE


If the data is from an anonymous visitor or a contact that exists in your FunnelFLARE account, the data will be recorded in your FunnelFLARE account.  The intent of this interface is to reflect data created by contacts that are in your FunnelFLARE account and tracked by your ActiveDEMAND account. This interface does NOT subscribe to 'new contact created' events within your ActiveDEMAND account. 

When you set up your field mapping in the CRM contact Update above, you will be given the option to import data that matches the above mapping/filters. This is a one-time action and any new contacts that are created in ActiveDEMAND will have to be either posted to FunnelFLARE from ActiveDEMAND's FunnelFLARE integration or using the FunnelFLARE bulk import system:



Workflow Actions

There are three workflow actions created for the ActiveDEMAND application



These three workflow actions can be used similarly to any other workflow action. The 'Post Contact' action uses the account field mapping to pass field data from your FunnelFLARE account to your ActiveDEMAND account.


There is no 'Activity Posting' workflow included in this integration as you can add the FunnelFLARE integration directly to your ActiveDEMAND account to automatically pull data from FunnelFLARE into ActiveDEMAND.


Adding the FunnelFLARE application to your ActiveDEMAND account

In your ActiveDEMAND account go to Administration -> Account Settings


Click the 'Add Application' button


Choose FunnelFLARE and enter your FunnelFLARE API key from your FunnelFLARE account.


After saving you will see the field mapping will be exposed



The workflow Actions Available


The fields mapped here will be used when you use the 'FunnelFLARE Post Contact' workflow action


CRM Contact Updates

To ensure data moves freely between your FunnelFLARE account and your ActiveDEMAND account, you will need to set up the CRM Contact Updates in your ActiveDEMAND account:mceclip5.png


Setting this up will make a connection between ActiveDEMAND and your FunnelFLARE account. This sets up a webhook that passes information from FunnelFLARE to ActiveDEMAND.

This when history data is created in FunnelFLARE it passes the data to ActiveDEMAND. Specifically:

  • New Contact creation
  • Phone calls (PhoneCall)
  • Won Deals (WonDeal)
  • Contact/org changes
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