Why can't I see my form under the Survey Results Report?

There is a select criteria that a form must meet before it can be considered a survey form and be available to view in the Survey results Report.

First it must have either of the following specific fields used. There may be others that are categorized in the form builder as a survey field, however, only the following fields will count towards a form being a survey form.

Survey fields are:

  • radio buttons 
  • checkboxes 
  • sliders 
  • checkbox/radio matrix 
  • rating 
  • multi buttons 
  • single buttons 
  • multi image 
  • single image


It must also have a submit button to execute the call to action. It must be published on a page where it can be submitted and there must be a submitted survey form in order to populate data on the report.


If you notice in the Survey Results Report that it seems to load and does not populate the drop down with forms, please check to make sure your form has the necessary requirements. 

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