Auto-Generating Relationships from WelcomeHome

Typically when working with Senior living, there is a concept of "related contacts". This is usually in the form of an influencer and a prospect. Influencers are usually a family member that is looking for a senior living facility or resources on behalf of someone else. 


In the WelcomeHome platform, these relationships are recorded and we can see who the influencer is to the resident or prospect. Occasionally it is necessary to market to these individuals rather than the actual resident or prospect that will be living in the facility. This may be for numerous reasons but it could involve specific family events or sending information that is relevant to supporting a loved one in senior care. 2023-02-10_8-28-44.png

ActiveDEMAND already has workflow actions that can be used to set a relationship for new contacts coming into the platform via form etc. However, we also want contacts that already exist in the platform to have this information imported when we connect ActiveDEMAND to the CRM. These relationships are now automatically brought in, provided the influencer does not have the same email as the prospect themselves.  


Fields that are set on prospect fields or housing contract fields on the prospect will automatically also populate within the same fields on the related contact in ActiveDEMAND.


For other contacts that didn't already exist in the CRM you can follow this article to learn more about creating those relationships using workflows



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