What is the Difference Between the "Contact Changed" and "New Contact Activity" Triggers?

What is the difference between the "contact changed' and "new contact activity" drip campaign triggers, and in what scenarios might you use each trigger?

Contact Changed


The Contact Changed starting step is triggered when a contact matches the defined query. The query is polled every 10 minutes. This is a great starting step for campaigns where you are looking to communicate with contacts when their deal stage, status, or custom field matches a certain value. 

For example: Checking that the contact's deal status is "Closed - Won"mceclip3.png

New Contact Activity


The New Contact Activity starting step is triggered when a contact does something that matches the configured filter. Keep in mind that the action has to take place after the campaign has been enabled. This starting step will not trigger based on changes to contact metadata, e.g. custom fields.

For example, you might check if a contact clicks a link in a campaign or downloads an asset:






  • To check a status, stage or custom field that currently exists, or exists after the campaign is enabled, use the "Contact Changed" trigger.
  • To check an action that the contact performs after the campaign is enabled, used the "New Contact Activity" trigger.
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