Agency Access to Accounts (Setting up the agency bridge)

Agency Access is a special permission that an account administrator grants to a user that has more than one account. Once this permission is granted, the user with the agency access permission can now log into their own company's ActiveDEMAND account and access, as a guest, the account (or inventory of accounts) using the permissions granted with the agency access permission.


For Example, if a company Landscaper To Go has the following account structure

The administrator of Landscaper To Go may want to grant access to an employee of the marketing agency. The administrator will thus create a user login for the agency employee in one or more of the accounts in the above structure:


Now it may be the case that this Agency Employee has their own ActiveDEMAND account with many pre-built campaigns and assets (landing pages, email templates etc)




The challenge is that the agency resources in the agency's ActiveDEMAND account will not be accessible to the agency employee when logged into the Landscaper To Go account and thus will need to be re-created in the Landscaper To Go accounts. 

To save time, the administrator of the Landscaper To Go account may want to grant Agency Access to the employee of the agency thus allowing that agency employee to log into the agency's master account and access the Landscaper to Go accounts from within the Agency's client inventory.


With this permission set granted, the Agency Employee will be able to log into the marketing agency account (with the permissions granted by the administrator of the agency account  and access the Landscaper to Go accounts using the permissions granted by the administrator of Landscaper to Go.


Granting Agency Access

The administrator of the host account (Landscaper To Go) will need to 

  1. Create a user login account for the agency employee with the appropriate permissions for that user

    Landscaper To Go -> Administration:

  2. The administrator then goes to the access administration panel and clicks 'Grant Access'
  3. The administrator then (1) chooses the user created in step 1, (2) chooses an access expiration

  4. The agency employe must now log in to their agency account, go to profile settings and retrieve the last 6 digits of the login api key:

  5. The agency employee gives this to the administrator of the Host account who enters it into the agency access modal


Once this is granted, the agency employee can now log into their own agency account and freely move between the two contexts from the single login. It does not matter what permission set that the host account administrator grants to the employee, or what permissions the agency employee has in their own account, the system will ensure the correct permissions are adhered to based on the context of the agency employee.



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