Automating Conversations with ChatGPT

With ActiveDEMAND's 'Ask ChatGPT' workflow action, you can automate engagement with prospects using automation.



The workflow action retains the context of all engagement with the contact while the contact is within the workflow that contains the Ask ChatGPT workflow action.


Within the workflow context the workflow action sends a prompt to ChatGPT, and ChatGPT responds to the prompt with a response.


The prompt can be configured using dynamic terms etc:

The prompt and response can then be accessed by subsequent workflow actions by using the dynamic terms:



You can set up an infinite conversation with a prospect by using a workflow such as this:

The BOT Prompt (ChatGPT script) can be as simple as


which delivers the body of the last text message received by the prospect.

The entire history of the workflow specific conversation is always passed to ChatGPT on each call.


The history of the ChatGPT prompt/response is contained in a single history item on the contact timeline



Only the configured workflow action Prompt (Script) is displayed on the timeline for simplicity.






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