Sending dynamic PDF reports to prospects

The ActiveDEMAND Report Scheduler system is a fantastic tool for communicating campaign results to internal constituents.  It allows the user to create custom reports, assign the reports to schedules and internal audiences. The report scheduler has a restriction (for safety) that only allows you to send reports to internal constituents (i.e. employees of the company). 

Often you are faced with having to collect a lot of information from a prospect and compile the data into a report that you send to the individual.  This manual process can be automated with ActiveDEMAND using ActiveDEMAND's Email Report workflow action.  This feature leverages the ActiveDEMAND email report builder to design the report, but in this use case, you can send the report to a prospect


Step 1: Design The Report




In your account, go to the Report Scheduler, click on 'New Report'. This will open up the report builder. Choose 'Prospects'


Build your report just like you would any other email. You can use the dynamic block embed tool to control the information you present to the user.


PDF Page Options

Once you have designed your report, you can now manage page breaks and page design.

To control the page breaks, you can use add 'Page Break' rows where approppriate.




Once you have designed your report, click on the properties button in the editor. This will expose the Report Header editor and the Report Footer editor.  This will allow you to customize the top and bottom of each page of the report.


    1. Report Header
    2. Report Footer
    3. PDF Page Dynamic Terms: There are several PDF report specific dynamic terms that can be used in the header/footer:




Step 2: Send The Report

The prospect report can only be sent in the context of a drip campaign using the 'Send Report' workflow action. 




  1. Prospect Email
  2. Report Template selector
  3. Send option

The intent is to send an email to the in-process prospect that lets them know about the custom report that was generated for them. The report template selector will expose all email reports that have been designated as 'PDF attachments'. You can either send the report as an attachment or you can embed the dynamic term in the email body. This term is the download URL for the report.



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