Value Track Parameters and the Query Builder - Segments, Lists, Dynamic Content, etc.

You might have come across this query below in your travels through ActiveDEMAND.


There is an important characteristic of this query and queries like it that you need to keep in mind in order for it to work:


1 - the Value Track Keyword will only work if the web session has a gclid

2 - the utm_medium must be equal to 'cpc'


Because value track parameters are specifically a Google AdWords function, it will only work for web sessions that match the two requirements above. If either one of those parameters is missing, the Valuetrack Keywords query will not work.


This is important to understand when testing. The best thing to do when testing this is to have your value track parameters configured, run an ad, and click your ad to see if this query works.


To learn more about setting up Valuetrack Parameters please see this article.

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