ActiveDEMAND Marketplace Vendor Guide

The ActiveDEMAND Asset marketplace is an asset sharing site that allows approved vendors to give/sell assets to all ActiveDEMAND users.  ActiveDEMAND users access the asset marketplace from within their ActiveDEMAND account. 


The storefront will be accessible from within the ActiveDEMAND asset marketplace.



An approved marketplace vendor can create a marketplace storefront. All vendors in the marketplace must:

  • Have an ActiveDEMAND account capable of creating assets
  • Be an ActiveDEMAND certified deployment partner 


Once approved, an account in the marketplace will be created. The approved vendor will manage their store, the products, support, etc from the marketplace interface


Setting up your store

Once you have been approved, you can set up your storefront. From within the store manager you can manage your staff, your products, view reporting, and manage your payments. 



Setting Up Your Store

  1. Settings: This is where you set up your storefront. The graphics, description etc, this is your public facing store.
  2. Payment: All payouts use paypal. Thus set up the paypal email address for the payouts
  3. SEO: For your store, this is the metadata for the store page


Selling Products

A verified vendor will be able create Products that will be offered to ActiveDEMAND users. A Product is an ActiveDEMAND asset that, once purchased, will be cloned into the client user's ActiveDEMAND account.

The verified vendor sets the product price. Products are purchased from within ActiveDEMAND by users for at the price set by the vendor. ActiveDEMAND charges the user's credit card for the price listed by the vendor. ActiveDEMAND will pay the vendor the price set by the vendor, less the ActiveDEMAND commission rate (%15). Thus if a product is purchased by a user for $10, $8.50 will be made available to the Vendor for withdrawal. Payments are paid through paypal

From a high level, the deployment of a product follows the following process:


Asset Creation (ActiveDEMAND)

Create an asset from within your ActiveDEMAND account. Once you are happy with the asset, you will be able to export an asset file for your asset. Approved vendors have a new permission granted that allows them to export asset files that will be used in the asset marketplace


Product Creation (Asset Marketplace)

From within the asset marketplace account, create a product for the asset:


Customize The Product details, description etc


Very important, the product must be assigned a product category (only one).  This will defined where the product will be cloned when purchased. Not all assets are usable in all ActiveDEMAND account types. Thus it is important to assign which ActiveDEMAND subscription types the asset will be able to be used in:


Once you are happy with your product, upload the product asset file that you created and exported from ActiveDEMAND:

Once you are happy with your product, submit the product for review


Approved products will show up in the Asset Marketplace for ActiveDEMAND users.


Controlling Product Visibility (Asset Marketplace)

You may not want all of your products to be listed for all customers.  Within the product edit under advanced visibility.


If you want to restrict visibility, check the Restrict to Vendor Clients. If this is checked, the specific products will only be shown to users who are logged into ActiveDEMAND accounts that match the Product Client Ids listed for the product. 


The other place you can set client visibility is in the account profile settings:


The account profile settings allow you to set global options for all products. The per Product settings are for granular control. If a product has the 'restrict' set, the product will only be visible to users that are logged into accounts that are at or below (i.e. sub accounts) OR logged into account that is in the set of product specific account ids.



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