ActiveDEMAND Asset Marketplace


The ActiveDEMAND Asset marketplace is an ActiveDEMAND asset sharing portal that allows approved vendors to provide ActiveDEMAND assets to all ActiveDEMAND users.  ActiveDEMAND users access the asset marketplace from within their ActiveDEMAND account. 


The Asset Marketplace allows any user to browse through premade asset templates, and purchase/load assets into their currently selected account.  The Asset marketplace is accessible from the asset marketplace top bar link or from the Asset Marketplace menu.


Purchasing Assets:

Assets are purchased by users on behalf of the company account that the user is an employee of. The marketplace portal account is shared by all employees of the account. Assets purchased by any employee for the account will have access to assets purchased by any other employee of the account. 


Any user with the 'Purchase Marketplace Assets' permission:

will be presented with a 'add to cart' button on any asset that has a price.

Once the purchase is completed, the asset will then be cloned into the currently selected account. All subsequent visits to the purchased asset in the marketplace, by any employee of the account that purchased the asset, will be presented with a 'Download Now' button instead of an 'add to cart' button:


As the asset is purchased for the account, all employees will have access to the asset. The purchase will be recorded in the account's billing section:



To review orders from within the marketplace interface, any employee can browse to the company marketplace account by clicking on the My Account link in the marketplace:

  1. Marketplace Account
  2. Order History


Purchasing in a multi-tenant environment

If you are working within a multi-tenant environment (agency login for example), the purchase process is exactly the same. The one major difference is, if the employee is currently logged into a parent account, but has a child account selected, the purchased asset will be cloned into the currently selected account.


The employee is still purchasing assets on behalf of the parent.

Thus the parent account will pay for the asset, but the asset will be cloned into the child account. Any asset purchased by the parent account will be available to employees of the parent account, regardless of what account the employee has selected. The asset will NOT be available to the employees of the child account, as the asset was purchased by the parent account. If the asset was purchased by the parent account, and was cloned into the child account, the asset is available for editing/cloning etc by anyone who has permission to engage with the specific asset in the account, just like any other asset.


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