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What are First-Party Cookies?

First-party cookies and small bits of data that are stored directly by the website you are currently visiting.  These cookies can be used to collect analytics information for the website, or to allow personalization and saving of settings and preferences for the user.  An example of this type of cookie would be when you log into your ActiveDEMAND account, a first party cookie is securely stored in your browser to identify you.


What are Third-Party Cookies?

Third-party cookies are very similar to first-party cookies except that they are set by a domain that is not the website/domain you are currently visiting.  These cookies are usually used by online advertisers and they allow the advertiser to track your activity across many different websites and you browse the internet over the day.

ActiveDEMAND does not use third-party cookies.


What are Functional Cookies

Functional cookies are used by websites to remember a user’s preferences and options they select on a website.  They allow your website to provide personalized content, web chat services, and storing of user’s settings and preferences.


How does ActiveDEMAND use Cookies on my website?

ActiveDEMAND uses first-party cookies to allow for customization and personalization of content on your website.  It allows you to display content that is relevant to the user visiting your website.  All cookies ActiveDEMAND uses are functional in nature. 

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