Landing Page Builder

Building Landing Pages 

This video tutorial covers the basics of building landing pages within ActiveDEMAND. You will learn:

  • Editing the layout
  • Adding Content Blocks
  • Editing Forms
  • Basic Style Elements



Builder Navigation


  1. Builder Canvas: This area is used to construct your page
  2. View Size Selectors: Each button selects a view size for the builder. This allows you to see how the page will render on different screen sizes
  3. Add To Library: This takes the existing page and saves it as a landing page template (Assets->Page Templates
  4. Preview: This opens the page in a new window to view how the page looks without the builder interface
  5. Full Screen: This expands the builder view to take up the entire page
  6. Page Properties: This allows you to configure the attributes of the page (title, URL, meta description etc
  7. Object Navigator: This is a tree view of all rows, columns and content blocks for the landing page
  8. Page Styles: This allows you to set up the base styles (boxed/brand, base background etc) for the page
  9. Structure Library: This library contains all structure elements for the page. You can drag standard rows, saved rows, etc onto the canvas
  10. Block Library: This library contains all default object block types that are used within rows/column containers
  11. Dynamic Content LIbrary: This exposes all of the dynamic content blocks and dynamic storyboards created within your account. You can drag these elements onto the landing just like any other regular content block
  12. User Block Library: Any block that you save for re-use appears here
  13. Content Block Toolbar: if you hover over a content block, the content block toolbar will appear
  14. Content Block Editor: This opens up the block editor for the given block
  15. Content Block Styles Editor: This opens up the block style editor. You can adjust spacing, fonts etc for the given block
  16. Content Block Delete: This deletes the given block from the canvas.
  17. Row/Column Edit Menu: This opens up the block/column styles menu
  18. Row Styles Editor: This opens up the row/column styles editor
  19. Row Archive: This saves the row into the Structure library for re-use
  20. Row Duplicate: This clones the existing row on the canvas
  21. Row Remove: This deletes the row
  22. Column Styles: This opens the Column Styles editor

View Size Selector

The view size selector forces the canvas into a width constrained view. 

Extra Small:  767 px

Small: 991px

Medium: 1199 px

Large: No restriction (limited by your monitor)


Available View Size Selectors

The only view size selectors that will appear are those that your monitor will support.


Object Navigator

The Object Navigator gives you access to all rows, columns, and content blocks on the page. As some elements may be hidden due to the currently selected view, the object navigator shows all objects, regardless of the object's view state.



Learn More About the Object Navigator





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