GoToWebinar Integration (Using the multi-session webinar in a box campaign template)

For the Corporate Marketer package ActiveDEMAND seamlessly integrates with GoToWebinar to provide all the features you need to host a webinar. With GoToWebinar you get a powerful online meeting platform that includes polling questions, surveys, multiple presenters, Q&A, video, screen sharing, and more. When using ActiveDEMAND and GotoWebinar together, ActiveDEMAND will automatically log all registration and attendee information within specific contact records. GotoWebinar Polling; survey responses, attending time, Q&A and other information is automatically synced to ActiveDEMAND and can be used to trigger events.


ActiveDEMAND Webinar In A Box Template

If you have not done so already, and you have a Corporate Marketer account, reach out to us at and we will clone the Webinar In A Box campaign template into your account.


Using the Webinar In a Box Campaign Template

GoToWebinar Integration Setup

1. Go to AdministrationAccount SettingsThird Party Applications. Click the Add Application Button. Select “GoToWebinar” from the drop-down list.

2. Authenticate your account by clicking the blue icon in the "Authenticated?" column and then signing in to GoToWebinar.

3. When GoToWebinar is authenticated, you can create an Event campaign or email for a Webinar template that can be cloned into your account.


Webinar Campaign Setup

In GoToWebinar:

1.Schedule a new Webinar

2.Disable the reminder emails in GoToWebinar to prevent your leads from receiving double emails

3. Edit the Emails section and uncheck the box:


In ActiveDEMAND:

Note: The only campaign type in ActiveDEMAND that support GotoWebinar integration is the Event Campaign type

1. Create/Open your Event campaign and go to the Assets tab.

2. Choose your Webinar from the dropdown and add it to the campaign:


3. If you are using the ActiveDEMAND campaign recipe, ActiveDEMAND will take care of all Webinar Campaign Steps that you can control and edit from the campaign Overview tab:

3. To finish the Webinar set up, edit the campaign Variables under the Variables tab:


When someone fills out the registration form for the campaign, a workflow action inside ActiveDEMAND will register the lead for your GoToWebinar and record their data inside the ActiveDEMAND platform.

The statistics for your webinar will appear under the Webinar tab:



For additional information about ActiveDEMAND's integration with GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar follow this link:

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