Setting up CRM Click To Call - Track Your Outbound Sales Calls

As ActiveDEMAND is a full featured call tracking platform, setting up click to call is a great solution for automatically tracking outbound sales calls.  


The Easy Way (using Chrome)

Add the ActiveDEMAND Chrome extension.


Once that is installed, any phone number in your crm that uses an html link will be encoded to support the click to call automatically if you are using chrome. Easy.


If Cannot Use Chrome ...

In the CRM, phone numbers are displayed as links. Some CRMs allow you to customize the link. Thus when you are inside the CRM, you click the phone number in on the contact page, this brings up a dialog that instantiates call with the prospect. The call is tracked, and the results of the call can be automatically posted to the CRM.


The URL Template


https://<your-activedemand-login-url>/contacts/api_call/?api-key=<account api key>

&phones.phone_number=&pd_user_id=<userid" rel="noreferrer noopener"><your-account-api-key>&phones.phone_number=&pd_user_id=</userid">

Dynamic field for a specific contact:
?api-key=<apikey" rel="noreferrer noopener">

Optional parameters:
Contact Edit Link, contact.edit_link
Contact Click To Call Link, contact.call_link
Contact Lead Score, lead_score.lead_score
First Name, first_name
Last Name, last_name
Full Name, full_name
Title, title
DOB, dob
Contact Source, contact_source_name
Contact Source Description, contact_source_description
Industry, industry_list
Tags, tag_list
Opted In, opted_in
Unsubscribed, unsubscribed
Contact Manager Email, claimed_by_id
DNI Replace For Contact, dni_list
Street Address, addresses.address
Province/State, addresses.province
Postal/Zip Code, addresses.postal_code
Phone Number, phones.phone_number
Email Address, emails.email_address
Twitter Handle, social_media_accounts.username
Employer Organization, accounts.business_name
Organization Street Address, accounts.addresses.address
Organization City,
Organization Province/State, accounts.addresses.province
Organization Postal/Zip Code, accounts.addresses.postal_code
Organization Country,
Organization Phone Number, accounts.phones.phone_number
Organization Email Address, accounts.emails.email_address
Organization Website,
Organization Logo (url), accounts.logo
Organization Contact Manager Email, accounts.claimed_by_id
Contact Manager Email, claimed_by_email
Pipedrive Owner ID, pd_user_id
Contact ID, id</apikey">

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