Getting Started with SMS Messaging in ActiveDEMAND

WIth ActiveDEMAND it is easy to send SMS messages, engage in SMS conversations, and route SMS messages to your phones.

First you have to Rent a phone number that support SMS capabilities

Sending Text Messages

You can send a text message using

  1. The Power dialer (Chrome Extension) (requires a Sales User license)
    You can choose an SMS template to send an SMS message

  2. The Simple Dialer (Chrome Extension)

  3. From the contact page in the web app

Recieving Text Messages

If your prospect sends you a text message, you can read it from the Chrome extensin SMS Messenger app (requires a sales user license)

 You can set up autmatic text forwarding on the number edit screen

The default text in the Forwarded Text Message edit identifies where the SMS came from.







Or you can route the SMS to a your phone number. Every time someone texts to a tracked number this workflow fires. 

We suggest putting in a decision to route SMS messages:

with this query

Then daisy chain queries to get the right message to the right sales person

We suggest something like this for your sales rep query

Using this dynamic field to relay the message to Mary : 



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