How do I link to a landing page in my email?

If you are sending a newsletter, quite often you are trying to send your prospects to a landing page to either give you more information, book a meeting etc. Thus you need to be able to embed a link in your email! 


Linking to an ActiveDEMAND Landing Page

To start, ensure you have a published landing page. If your page is not published, there will be no way to link to it (as a page has to be published in order to have a URL). If you build your page in the template directory (Assets-Page Template Library), the page is a template thus there will be no way to link to it! If you created your Landing Page as a template, you will need to publish your template by either publishing it:

  • Inside a campaign
  • Not attached to any campaign


To publish a landing page  inside a campaign:

Step 1: Open your Campaign (Automation-Campaigns [click the edit button])

Step 2: You will see several tabs in the campaign overview screen. Click the Assets tab.

Step 3: Click the +NEW button in the Landing Page section:

Step 4: Choose the template you want

Step 5: Edit the landing page (

Step 6:get your URL for your landing page

Step 7: Go back to your email editor and embed the link in the button or in text.


Note, if your landing page is inside a campaign, and it is uniquely named inside your campaign, you can reference the landing page with a dynamic field. The in campaign dynamic fields for Landing Pages are at the top of the dynamic field list:


This allows you to abstract the URL from the campaign in case you want to clone the campaign (and hence the landing page).


To publish a landing page  outside a campaign:

The steps are the same as above, the only difference is that you start in the global space (Assets-Published Pages).

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