How do I set up Domain Whitelabeling (SSL) for my account?

Use the following steps to get SSL Whitelabeling set up for your ActiveDEMAND account.

Step 1: Get a certificate installed

  1. Send a request to specifying you require SSL whitelabeling.
  2. Support will follow up and provide a CNAME record to set on your domain. 
    1. Set the CNAME record sent above and confirm with Support you have done so. 
  3. Support will generate the SSL certificate and will send the SSL endpoint to use. It will be something like You can go to Step 2.1 below to complete the SSL endpoint addition.

Step 2: Set up CNAME records on your DNS

Step 2.1: Set up the CNAME records

Set up the SSL endpoint received at the end of Step 1 into your DNS settings' CNAME records:

Host: www2
Points to:

Host: link
Points to:

Note: The record below allows users to login to ActiveDEMAND at You can change the "login" part to any sub domain you choose for logging in.

Host: login
Points to:

Step 2.2: Confirm changes with Support

Once you have these CNAME records set, notify (include the sub domain you chose for logging in) and we will verify the records and update your account to start using them.

Step 3: Set up client login URLs

Step 3.1: Set up the CNAME

This step is used if you later add one of your clients as a sub account and want them to be able to log into ActiveDEMAND using your whitelabeled domain (i.e. You will first need to set up the CNAME record on your domain for your client's login:

Host: yourclient1
Points to:

Step 3.2: Email Support

Once this CNAME record is set, send an email to with the CNAME record you set, and the name of your client account. We will verify the CNAME record and then update your client account to use it.

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