How do I create a list of people who haven't opened my emails for more than 6 months?

Marketers not only want to asses how successful their Email Marketing efforts are, but also focus them on the people who are really engaging with the brand. With ActiveDEMAND you can easily find out who hasn't opened any of your emails during a selected period of time. 

Step 1: Create a List or a Segment of such people.

Go to Contacts>Contact Lists or Contacts>Segments and click NEW AUDIENCE.

You can have a Dynamic or a Static list depending on how you are going to use the list in future. The difference between two types of lists is explained here.

The Contact Segmentation video covers the basics of creating and using Segments in ActiveDEMAND.

Step 2: Click "Add Contacts" and set the Filters in your new list/segment. Here is a sample query you can use to filter the people who haven't opened your emails for more than 6 months:

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