Why aren't my DNI pools replacing numbers on my website?

There are several reasons why numbers are not being replaced by a DNI pool. If you are experiencing problems with DNI replacement you can go through the questions below to identify common problems.

Is the tracking script installed?

The ActiveDEMAND tracking script must be installed on any webpage that has numbers replaced by DNI pools. You can see how to install the tracking script here.

Are there at least 3 numbers in the DNI pool and is the DNI pool active?

A minimum of 3 numbers must be added to the DNI Pool and it must be active in order for the replacement to take place. You can check if the DNI group is active from Assets > Call Tracking Numbers > Dynamic Number Insertion.

Is there a number to replace in the DNI group?

A DNI pool will only replace numbers which have been added to that pool. You can view/edit which numbers are added to DNI pools from Assets > Call Tracking Numbers > Dynamic Number Insertion > Pool Properties > EDIT.

Does the person who is viewing the page have "Do not do DNI replacement for this contact"?

Every contact has a checkbox option to turn off DNI replacement - if this is checked off they will not see any numbers replaced for your site. You can check if the contact has DNI replacement turned off from their Contact page.

Are the rules in Pool Properties preventing DNI replacement?

DNI replacement can be targeted by region, UTM parameter, or specific restrictions can be set in place. Any one of these rules may prevent numbers from being replaced. You can review the rules for each DNI Pool from Assets > Call Tracking Numbers > Dynamic Number Insertion > Pool Properties > Edit

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