Common Filters to Cut Out Bad Leads

If you have a corporate marketer package, you may edit your sales lead notification workflow to cut out leads you don't want.

Access your Sales Lead Notification workflow by navigating to Automation => Lead Processing

1) Utilize the decision block 

The decision block is based on the power of our query builder. Using the decision block, you may cut out leads you don't want entering the system.

In the below example, we edit the basic Sales Lead Notification workflow to look to see if a form submit is coming from a specific country before sending an email to sales.

If it is NOT coming from the specified country it is therefore coming from somewhere else, which is just fine! And so, we allow sales to be notified.

Did you know you may also stop a specific form from initiating all workflows within the form builder?

Using a set up like above, you may introduce various types of decisions before your sales team is notified.

2) Different Needs? Different Queries!

Note: The below examples assume the queries will be set to 'Does Not Equal'.

Depending on your use case, the query criteria and the connection to the next action/decision in your workflow may differ.

Filtering by Country

Non-Business Address

You may not want leads that do not have a business based email address coming into the system. 

Blocked Organizations

If you have blocked an organization, you probably don't want to receive any of their leads!

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