Configuring ActiveDEMAND landing pages as a microsite

In some cases, you may want to use a collection of landing pages as a microsite for ActiveDEMAND. Thus you may want to point a subdomain or a top domain to an ActiveDEMAND 'home page'.


There are two main account-level settings that help you configure your landing page behaviour. The two settings are "Page Domain" and "Root Page". After you have built a landing page, you can set it as the 'root page' for your microsite by selecting the page from the 'Root Page' dropdown. If you do not see any pages in the 'Root Page' drop down, you have not built any pages in ActiveDEMAND. The domain set in "Page Domain' is redirected to "Root Page'. 


For example:

Page Domain:

Root Page: "Landing Page 1"


If the subdomain of www2 for the domain is properly set up as per this article, then anyone who tries to hit will end up on the page "Landing Page 1"


Configuring a subdomain

Refer to this article about setting up your CNAME records for subdomains. In ActiveDEMAND, under account settings, you will find a "Page Domain" setting. Here you can set your page domain, the default being something like 


Using a Top Domain

If you are looking to direct the main domain name to your landing page, you will need to: 


Step1: create a CNAME record for the subdomain www which points to

Step2: forward your domain to


This will ensure and resolves to the landing page or microsite you have built.


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