How to configure ActiveDEMAND to swap call tracking numbers for several office locations (or based on the visitor's location)

If you have multiple office locations, each with a unique office phone number, there are two ways to handle this using ActiveDEMAND Dynamic Number Insertion. You can either create a DNI pool for each number on the website and dynamically replace one regionally specific local number with a tracked number, or you can use ActiveDEMAND to dynamically replace the a single number with a region specific local number based on the visitor's GEO IP location.

Before getting started, it is important to note a few items regarding ActiveDEMAND DNI pools:

  • Each pool can replace multiple numbers.

  • Each pool can have complex conditional based routing (for example, if the person is visiting the site from London, route the call to the London office).

  • Each pool can have geo restricted replacement (i.e. only replace this number for people who are visiting the site from London)

  • Each DNI pool requires (minimum) 3 numbers in the pool.

Option 1: Swapping Multiple Regional Numbers

For each regional number displayed on your website, you will need a separate DNI pool to handle the swap. You can create multiple DNI pools, each with a set of numbers to dynamically replace on the website. Hence this case is quite simple, create a DNI pool for each regional number you want to replace. Add regional specific local numbers to each pool.

Option 2: Swap one number with multiple regional numbers

If you want to replace 1 number and have it display a local number for multiple locations based on the geo location of the visitor, set up multiple DNI pools, each pool with its own Geo targeted restrictions.

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