Integrating Sherpa CRM with ActiveDEMAND

To integrate the Sherpa CRM with ActiveDEMAND follow the steps below.  

Step 1: Authentication

Select Administration => Account Settings.  Click on the Integrations tab and add a new third party application.  Select Sherpa CRM and enter your Company ID and API Key. (Where can these be found?)

Step 2: Setting Up the 'Push' of Contact Data to Sherpa

In ActiveDEMAND, under Automation->Lead Processing you can customize your lead distribution and lead management. If you have access to the Sales Lead Notifications or Phone Call Sales Notification workflows, you now will see two new workflow items in the Workflow Actions. 

This action will give you the ability to post/update a deal in Sherpa:

This action will give you the ability to post activities to Sherpa:

See below for how these actions are used. Your set up may differ, but the workflow below shows a basic push of contact data upon a form being submitted.

The Concept of 'Prospect'

For the 'Post to Sherpa' action you may want to push the post depending on if the submitted form was an inquiry FOR the person submitting OR for someone else. Using a decision that looks for the field on the form that asks this important question will allow you to set up a post to Sherpa integration that properly segregates data in Sherpa. 

Mapping your Fields on Contact Import

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