Attaching files to emails using ActiveDEMAND

Instead of sending files that 

  1. May not be welcomed by the end user
  2. Are impossible to track engagement
  3. May be rejected by email recipient systems (and block your email)

ActiveDEMAND has a much better solution: Tracked files.  If you have a Small Business Marketer account, browse to






Once you have uploaded the file, and save the asset, ActiveDEMAND will create a public URL for the file


This URL is what you embed in your emails. Now if you send an email, those that want to download the file click the link and the file is downloaded. You track who downloads, where they were when they downloaded the file, and you can trigger drip campaigns etc. based on the 'asset download' contact history item that is created on the timeline.


If you want to attach a file to an email being sent, the only way to do so is via an Email Prospect workflow action.


If you are interested in 'gating' files (i.e. forcing prospects to register for a form) consider this article:

How do I set up Protected Assets (Gated Files)?

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