Integrating ActiveDEMAND with your website/email server

DNS Entries

In order to get the most out of ActiveDEMAND it is advisable to set up trust relationships between your domains and ActiveDEMAND. To do proper tracking and improve deliver-ability of our emails using ActiveDEMAND, the following  DNS records should be added.

Find the page where you can create records for your domain. 

  1. Sign in to your DNS hosting provider's website. 
  2. Select your domain. 
  3. Find the page where you can edit DNS records for your domain. This may be something like DNS Management, Name Server Management, or Advanced Settings 

You will need to add the following CNAME records. To add a CNAME record: 

  1. Create a new CNAME record. 
  2. Copy the values given below and put into the empty record. 
  3. Save the record. 

Record type: CNAME

Host: www2

Points to:

Record type: CNAME

Host: link

Points to:

If you are using ActiveDEMAND for email marketing, go to the /portal/cname_records path in ActiveDEMAND either by pasting the path directly into your address bar or by clicking on the wrench icon inside ActiveDEMAND  and clicking on the  start now button

You will see your custom CNAME records for your email deliverablity.

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