How Do I Post to Facebook with ActiveDEMAND?

With ActiveDEMAND you can create social media campaigns and schedule Facebook posts.

To set up Facebook integration for your ActiveDEMAND account follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Account Settings => Integrations => Social Media. Click “ADD SOCIAL MEDIA” and select Facebook from the Media Type drop-down. Enter the URL for your company's Facebook page:

Step 2: Authenticate your Facebook account and accept the permissions required:

Step 3: Scroll down the page to “Facebook Integration” section and select the Facebook page you want to post to from the drop-down:

Step 4: Go to Automation => Campaigns and select an existing campaign or create a new one for social posting. Drag the Facebook icon onto the calendar to set the date and time for the post:

Step 5: Choose the post type:

There are three types of Facebook posts in ActiveDEMAND: Sharing a URL, Sharing An Image and Status Update.

You can find detailed information about Facebook Post Formats here:

To save time, ActiveDEMAND has the ability to import bulk posts into a campaign. 

If you want to schedule multiple posts at once, click the “IMPORT POSTS” button on the campaign Calendar, and this dialogue window will appear:

Here you can upload a file for bulk post imports and set the Post Slots (pre-defined times and days of the week when you are posting). 

Some examples of files for social posting bulk imports can be found here:

This article covers the basics of Facebook posting with ActiveDEMAND. There are more articles and support videos that can help you to achieve your marketing goals for social posting with ActiveDEMAND.

Creating and Publishing a Landing Page in Facebook using ActiveDEMAND:

Basics of ActiveDEMAND: Social Media Post Scheduling video:

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