How do I track GDPR cookie policy acceptance?

As per GDPR you need to let people know how and why you are tracking visitors to your website. ActiveDEMAND has a fully audit-able solution for tracking acceptance of your tracking policies. As ActiveDEMAND tracks individuals throughout their journey, acceptance of your cookie policy is a very important event to capture and report on if under audit scrutiny.  


ActiveDEMAND has 3 elements that help you with this process:

  1. Popups
  2. Cookie accept history capture
  3. Full visit history on any visitor


How to do it using our template:




Step 1: Create a new popup using our template



How to do it with your own style of popup:

Step 1:

Create a popup in the style of your liking.


Step 2:

Consider using GEO-IP country targeting to restrict the popup appearance to those countries under the GDPR. 


Step 3:

Set the close conditions for the popup to be 'Close on Form Submit'


Step 4:

Edit the form on the popup. Remove all fields except the submit button (this will be your accept condition). 


Step 5:

Add a Hidden field ID element to the form


Step 6:

In the autoresponder tab, set the standard field 'Cookie Accepted'. 


When the Cookie Accepted standard field is set, it will create a 'Cookie Accepted' history item on the prospect's timeline



Step 7: Set the confirmation 

Set the confirmation action to be 'in place message'


No need to worry about the message, as it will never be seen.


Adding a 'I do not accept' button

As part of the GDPR, you may want to take an extra step and remove the contact from your DB if they did not accept. You can add another form to your popup, remove all fields on the form, and add a hidden contact ID to the form. Consider formatting the button as a link (underline text and button bg is the same as the form.


In the autoresponder put in a 'Forget Contact' action:



This will push the contact into the forget me audit table.


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