Installing the WordPress Plugin for ActiveDEMAND

A powerful feature of ActiveDEMAND is its ability to collect and report on online activity associated with your contacts. Connecting your website to ActiveDEMAND is relatively simple. The ActiveDEMAND WordPress plugin will install the tracking script onto your website.

If you are using WordPress, you can install the WordPress plugin.

WordPress is a fantastic website platform; it’s easy to use, extendable, and VERY focused on content. That’s why we use it as our website CMS at ActiveDEMAND and why we built a plugin to easily integrate our marketing automation platform with our clients who use WordPress.

Although we have other ways of integrating ActiveDEMAND with WordPress and many other CMS platforms, our WordPress plugin specifically:

  • Places the tracking script on the site to enable enhanced website visitor tracking

  • Makes it easier to embed:

    • ActiveDEMAND website forms

    • ActiveDEMAND dynamic content blocks

  • Enables Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) for phone numbers

  • Makes it easy to coordinate blog post launches with social media, emails, and other marketing so that you can perform timely, coordinated launches

These features are why we recommend ActiveDEMAND users opt for the WordPress plugin to connect our marketing automation platform to their WordPress websites rather than manually inserting the code in a template or using Google Tag Manager.

Note: You require the Small Business Marketer package to use ActiveDEMAND's webforms, popups, and dynamic content.


Installing from the WordPress Repository

The plugin can be accessed here: ActiveDEMAND WordPress Plugin or by browsing the WordPress Marketplace


Configuring the Plugin

Adding the WordPress plugin will require you to add your Application API Key to the plugin. You can find the API Key as follows:




Further use of WordPress:


Note: ActiveDEMAND will only track form submits and visits from the domain configured in your account. If you are trying to work on a development site, please contact ActiveDEMAND Support.

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