How do I pre-populate forms with contact data?

 Whether you’re embedding an ActiveDEMAND form into a webpage or you’re using  forms within ActiveDEMAND landing pages, here is a tip to create a better user  experience – pre-populate select form fields with the user data.

Instead of the user being presented with a blank form, you can have the form  include their name and email automatically making it easier, quicker and  reducing the friction of completing the form.

A form that is not pre-populated
A form that is pre-populated

The following fields can be pre-populated with user data:    

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Email Address
  4. Phone Number

Pre-populating a form is simple. Here is how to do it:

  1. In ActiveDEMAND, locate form you want to pre-populate. This could be a web form on a form on a landing page.         
  2. Enter the edit mode of the form.     
  3. Add the default values to the respective fields
  • Field: First name
  • Field: Last name
  • Field: Email
  • Field: Phone Number
  1. Save the fields and then save the form.

In the event you are editing a web form and not a landing page form, you will need to re-export the web form to the web page that hosts the form. 

Why doesn't my form pre-populate?

In order to pre-populate a form, the user will have to be a contact within your ActiveDEMAND account and have a web cookie enabled. If these conditions don’t exist, the form will not pre-populate. When user data is not available, the form will remain blank. 

Note: ActiveDEMAND has no way to pre-populate static html forms that are embedded on a website. The only forms that ActiveDEMAND will pre-populate are those that are embedded on a WordPress website using the shortcodes, using the div export, or if the form is on an ActiveDEMAND landing page.

Pre Populate A Form with Dynamic Fields

Export A Web Form

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