What is the difference between a static contact list and a dynamic contact list?

In ActiveDEMAND there are two types of contact lists: 

  • Static Contact List
  • Dynamic Contact List

Static Contact List

A static contact list is essentially a bucket. You can place people into a static contact list in many ways:

  • Contact edit screen (Add To List)

  • Workflow (Add To List/Remove From List)
  • Edit the list (Add Contacts query in the list builder/Remove contacts query in the contact list builder)

A static contact list has the benefit of not having any restrictions, thus you can quickly add people to any list, etc. This is the list's downside too, there is no guarantee as to who is in the list and why they got there.

Typical Uses: imports, quick collections of people, lead distribution, etc

Dynamic Contact List 
A dynamic contact list has a governing query that collects contacts based upon the state of the contact. The dynamic list query ensures that those members of the list meet the governing query criteria. The only way a contact can get into the dynamic list is if the contact meets the query criteria. There is no way to 'add a contact' to a dynamic list directly. A dynamic list is updated on a defined periodic basis, thus it is not 'real - time'. You can configure the update frequency.

Typical Uses: Reporting
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