What is the difference between an Account, a Contact, an Organization, an Employee, and a User

Organization: The ActiveDEMAND record that groups Contacts with the relationship Employer

Employee. A Contact is employed by the Organization.

Contact: A Contact is an ActiveDEMAND record that contains the metadata, the activity history, etc for a single person with one or more email addresses and/or phone numbers.

Account: An Account is a special case of an Organization. The Account is the entity that contains 

  • Employees (contacts that work for the Account)
  • Users (Employees of the Account that have login accounts)
  • Contact database (collection of Contacts that do not work for the Account and Organizations)
  • Assets
  • Automation
  • Custom fields and settings
  • Etc

An Account is tied to a single website domain.

User: An employee of the Account that has a login account. 


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