How Do I Delete A Client Account

As this is a non recoverable decision, deleting a client account is a task that needs to be done by support. You need to submit a ticket with your request to To ensure no mistakes are made follow this process:


Step 1 - Delete Call Tracking Numbers

Delete all call tracking numbers assigned on the account. ActiveDEMAND Support will not delete accounts with active call tracking numbers.

  • From the main menu, go to Assets -> Call Tracking Numbers
  • Scroll to the far right of the page and select the 'X' icon to delete/remove the Call Tracking Numbers



Step 2 - Add DELETE to Business Name

  • From the main menu, go to Administration -> Account settings -> Account Information and add      ' - DELETE' to the business name field



Step 3 - Send your request to ActiveDEMAND

Send an email to and request the account to be deleted.


NOTE: Please refer to the ActiveDEMAND Software As A Service Agreement for cancellation information



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