How do I set up a Click To Call form on a Landing Page?

ActiveDEMAND automatically creates a webform for every static phone number that is NOT in a DNI pool (Assets->Web Forms).  The form is very simple, it has a phone number field, and a submit field



If someone enters their phone number, the system will call the configured forward number, then call the prospect.

This can be exported and embedded into a website or accessed via a shortcode inside a WordPress site. The question is, what about a Landing Page? There is nothing special about the webform that is generated by ActiveDEMAND for each tracked number. You can easily replicate this in a Landing Page. The two elements that are required are a phone number form element and a 'call prospect' widget in the autoresponder.


Step 1: Create a landing page (Assets->Published Pages)

Step 2: Edit the form in the landing page (hover your mouse over the form, click the advanced edit pencil)

Step 3: Ensure the form has a Phone Number element and a Submit Button

Step 4: Remove the 'email prospect' action from the autoresponder (click the Auto Responder tab in the form editor)

Step 5: Drag over a 'Call Prospect' Action

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