How do I set up the language for my account, Web form or Email?

ActiveDEMAND gives you an option to choose your account language. It is English by default, but you can change it in Administration > Account Settings:

The language you set up is going to be used for all your Landing pages, Web forms, emails and Appointment schedulers. 

There is also an option to choose the language for a particular web form, following the next steps:

  1. Open the edit page for the form you want to change the language on.
  2. Inside the editor click the FORM PROPERTIES button. Choose a language from the drop down:

When editing an email as a separate Template or inside a Campaign, you can also change the language with EMAIL PROPERTIES button:

Note: This only changes the publicly visible system text. Anything that you are able to edit (i.e. emails, body text, etc) will remain in English.

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