Bulk updating of contacts using Excel

There is a way to bulk contacts for updating them by a specific category: contact source, assigned contact manager, employer organization, unsubscribed, etc. 


Using the bulk editor

Some fields can be bulk edited directly in the Contacts-All Contacts screen 

How do I Bulk Edit Contacts inside ActiveDEMAND?

Using Excel:

This can be made by following next steps:

Step 1: To create a List of contacts from the Contacts menu in ActiveDEMAND select “Contact Lists”. You can make a new list of people or use a set of people that you already have.

Step 2: Select the contacts you want to bulk, add them to the list and save it.

Step 3: Go to All contacts (Contacts-All Contacts). Click the 'All Contacts' drop down to select your list or segment.

Step 4: Once  the list or segment is selected and used to filter the ‘All contacts’ table, click the EXPORT button.

Step 5: Download the Excel file that you received via email (or click CONTACT EXPORTS again to see a list of all your recent exports to download).

Step 6: In Excel file update appropriate column with new data (email, YES/NO, name values).

Step 7: Go to ContactsImport Contacts. Upload the edited file.

Step 8: Update the map column data, using email as a Lookup column.

Push START IMPORT button.

When you check your Contact Lists, this list of contacts will appear updated.

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