How Do I Login to ActiveDEMAND

Basics of ActiveDEMAND: Logging In

Logging into ActiveDEMAND is easy. A few things to note though, you MUST log in using your login domain. Your username and password are only valid for your ActiveDEMAND login domain. 


Your domain looks like

https://<your company>

If you are unsure what your login domain is, please try this link:


If ActiveDEMAND 'knows' who you are, you should see your login link on the page. If you are on a computer that you have never logged into ActiveDEMAND on before, you will see a form on the above URL. Fill out the form, and support will send you your login domain.


If you have the correct login domain, there is a password reset link on the login page. 


ActiveDEMAND will silently ignore you if you try to reset your password using the wrong login url! 


If tried to reset your password and you did not get an email, then either 

  • you are on the wrong URL 
  • or you are using the wrong login email address.


If all else fails, please contact support.



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