How do I configure a Template Account?

What is a Template Account?

If you are a Marketing Agency and are going to create multiple sub-accounts, you might want to use the same account configuration for new clients. To save your time and efforts, ActiveDEMAND allows you to create a Template Account that can be used as a basis for future client accounts.

The Assets that can be built and re-used within a Template account are:

  • Appointment Schedulers
  • Email Templates
  • Page Templates
  • Published Pages
  • Web Forms
  • Campaign workflows
  • Lead Processing workflows
  • Dashboards
  • Custom Field Types
  • Custom Field Mappings

How do I create a Template Account?

  • You can turn an existing sub-account into a Template by sending a request to Note! In this case, the account will no longer be functional.
  • You can create and set a new sub-account and then send a request to to turn it into an Account Template.

When you have finished the Template Account setup, in the upper left corner of your screen click + New Client Account to create a new client account using this Template:

A dialogue window will appear where you can select your Template:

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