How do I convert a Form Auto Responder into a Drip campaign?

What will happen after someone submits a form on your website is controlled in the Form's [Auto Responder] tab. ActiveDEMAND allows you to create custom Auto Responder workflows for each form:

Although there are different workflow Decisions and Actions available for building an Auto Responder, it is not intended to be used instead of a Nurture campaign. ActiveDEMAND doesn't provide reporting on Form Auto Responder emails or activities. To collect data on the behaviour of your prospects after a form submission you should create a Drip Campaign, triggered by "Form Submitted" in Automation=>Campaigns:

If you already have a complicated workflow set in the Form Auto Responder, you can convert it into a Drip Campaign.

  • Step 1: In the Form [Auto Responder] tab click the pencil icon:
  • Step 2: Click the "CONVERT TO DRIP CAMPAIGN" button. You don't need to change the Name of the workflow or add any Description:
  • Step 3: When confirming the Campaign creation, you will be directed to the Drip that you can edit:

The original Form Auto Responder will not exist. It will be turned into a basic scheme with no Email Templates attached to it.

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