Setting up Call/Form Goals in Google Analytics

ActiveDEMAND Call Tracking is integrated directly with Google Analytics. If you have Google Analytics set up in ActiveDEMAND, every call received via a Dynamic Number Insertion pool, if matched, will post an event to Google Analytics. This article will show you how to set up Call Goals in Google Analytics.

Looking to control what data is posted to Google Analytics, for phone calls or any other signal, look at this article.

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As ActiveDEMAND posts both phone call events to Google Analytics and form submit events to Google Analytics, for effective ad word conversion tracking it is a good idea to set up event goals in Google Analytics. Here is a good article that talks about how to import these goals into Google Ads

To set up the goals for Phone calls, follow these steps. The steps are similar for form submits.

  1. Log into your Google Analytics account
  2. If you have multiple Google Analytics accounts that you are monitoring, select the account that is integrated with ActiveDEMAND
  3. Click the Admin Tab

  4. Choose the Account and Property you will be creating goals for. 

  5. Click the Goals link 

  6. Click New Goal 

  7. Choose Custom. Click 'Next Step' 

  8. In the Goal Description, put 'Phone Call', click 'Next Step'

  9. In the Goal Details section, enter 'Phone'. You can choose Yes or No for the 'Use the Event value as the value for the conversion'. 

  10. Click 'Create Goal'

Now, if you are looking to link these goals to your Google Ads account, this is the story for you: How do i link my Google Analytics account with my Google Ads account?

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