Integrating Facebook and Instagram with ActiveDEMAND

Facebook is an important ad platform for many digital marketers. ActiveDEMAND offers comprehensive integration with Facebook so that the strengths of each platform are maximized.


With Facebook integration, you can:

  • Get Facebook page statistics in ActiveDEMAND reports
  • Schedule Facebook posts to your Facebook page
  • Schedule Instagram posts to your Instagram account
  • Expose ActiveDEMAND audiences to Facebook as custom audiences to advertise to
  • Add the Facebook pixel to your website pages and ActiveDEMAND landing pages
  • Publish a Facebook Landing Page from ActiveDEMAND


To integrate Facebook, you’ll need:

  • Admin access in ActiveDEMAND for the account
  • A user with appropriate privileges over the Facebook Page and Ad Account
  • The Ad Account ID
  • The URL for the page


Steps to Integrate Facebook:

  1. Login to ActiveDEMAND, go to Administration -> Account Settings -> Integration
  2. Click the “Add Social Media” button
  3. Choose your FB Page URL
  4. Authenticate ActiveDEMAND for your Facebook Account
  5. Select the Facebook page and Ad Account ID


Note: ActiveDEMAND will automatically launch the Facebook Pixel from the related Facebook Ad Account on all webpages running the ActiveDEMAND script as well as on all related ActiveDEMAND landing pages.



To integrate Instagram into your account

If you have Facebook integrated into your account and you do not see an 'Instagram Integration' box at the bottom of the Integrations tab in your account settings



You will have to remove the Facebook integration, re-integrate Facebook and choose your Instagram account during the Integration wizard



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