ActiveDEMAND Chrome Extension


  1. Chrome Extension (number of contacts on my website): Click here to expose the extension. The number shows how many known contacts are on your website right now
  2. Accept Incoming Calls: Using the call routing for call tracking numbers, this setting allows the user to accept incoming calls
  3. Snooze Notifications: This allows the user to temporarily snooze browser notifications
  4. Account selector: For multi-tenant installations, this allows the user to switch between tenant accounts
  5. Preferences: This sets up your ActiveDEMAND chrome extension
  6. Who is on my website now?  This gives you a quick view of the known contacts (i.e. not anonymous) visiting your website (requires the tracking script to be installed on the website)
  7. Recent Visitors: See a list of contacts that were recently on your website
  8. Messages: This is interface allows a user to engage directly with live chat/sms messaging with contacts
  9. Simple Dialer: This opens up the simple dialer for a quick call






  1. Browse Notifications Control: You can control the volume of browser notifications and what types of notifications you get
  2. control which types of events will generate notifications 
  3. Show Notifications For:
    Any contact: This allows you to see notifications if other sales people's contacts are engaging on the website
    A contact that I manage: Only your contacts will cause browse notifications 
    People I sent an email to Only those contacts that you have an email conversation going



  1. My preferred outbound dial number
  2. The chrome extension can embed links on pages.
  3. Accept Incoming Calls: Using call tracking, if calls are routed to this user, this allows the user to set whether they are accepting calls with this browser




  1. Determines if the chrome extension will embed into Gmail





  1. If you have multiple ActiveDEMAND logins, you can add/remove your logins here


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