How can I limit how often ActiveDEMAND posts to the CRM for a given contact?

The CRM activity posting workflow is used to communicate history transactions to a given CRM. Some examples are

  • On marketing email send, post an activity to the CRM
  • On email open, post an activity to the CRM
  • On file download, post an activity to the CRM
  • etc

Here is an example:



The issue with the above workflow is that if someone opens an email over and over and over again (wow, that was a great email!), you quickly fill your CRM with noise. A solution to this would be to use tagging to reduce the flow rate.



Basically, we detect an open, then we check to see if the person was tagged. If they were not tagged, tag them. Then wait for some time, remove the tag. Thus if the contact opens the email again, they will have the temporary tag on them, and they leave the workflow without posting to the CRM.



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