Why are my emails are not being delivered? I am not seeing send errors. (Good sending habits)

If you have set up your CNAME records:

Integrating ActiveDEMAND with your website/email server

and you have read through this

Why do I find my test emails in the Spam folder?

Your deliverability should be reasonable. That being said, your domain reputation may be causing issues.

You are trying to send a test email from your campaign and you don't get any errors, the test email seems to go out successfully, but it never arrives in your Inbox.


Good sending habits are something you need to keep in mind when uploading a list into ActiveDEMAND and sending valuable content to your leads.

The email sending in your account might be disabled due to a low sending reputation. If you are getting multiple Spam reports for your campaigns, it means that many contacts of this campaign audience went and specifically said: "This is spam". This usually means they didn't sign up for the emails or signed up so long ago they don't remember, or they have already unsubscribed and are still getting them.

As part of good sending habits, we recommend the following:

  1. Make sure the email address you are sending from is a real email address that can receive emails. Some email servers will check the 'from' address to ensure it exists and is accepting emails. If it's not, they will reject the email
  2. Use an email verification software as Neverbounce to check the lists before uploading them into ActiveDEMAND
  3. Start by sending out emails in small batches to prevent high bounce rates
  4. Creating a Dynamic List that pulls contacts that haven't interacted with your emails in the last 6 months. You can use this list as your suppression list for your email campaigns. This will help you strengthen your long term email reputation.
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