Setting up and using Brand Custom Fields

ActiveDEMAND has a set of standard fields and custom fields that allow you to create the correct metadata model for your contact database. 


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There as well is a set of pre-defined fields for your account, like website URL, business name, etc. There are times when you may want to provide more information regarding your company that is not part of the standard set of account fields. Thus ActiveDEMAND provides a set of additional custom fields that can be used to describe your business. These custom fields are associated with the Brand of your account and are called Brand Custom Fields.



Brand custom fields are only available in the Small Business Marketer and Corporate Marketer packages.


The Brand metadata model is created in the Brand section of the product



You define the custom fields on the 'Brand Custom Fields' tab and set the values within the Brand.



This is very useful if you have multiple brands defined with your account (Corporate Marketer).


These custom fields behave similarly to your existing account custom fields in emails, messages, etc. For example, a standard field in an email/form, etc could be


We here at %ACCOUNT.BUSINESS_NAME% love our customers. 


You can reference a custom field on the brand by referencing the custom field via the 'raw' value or the 'formatted' value. For most custom field types, the raw and formatted will be the same. For lists, a formatted version will provide HTML bulleted list, whereas the raw would provide a CSV list of elements.





We here at %ACCOUNT.BUSINESS_NAME% love our customers.  Come on down to the %BRAND.CUSTOM_FIELDS(CUSTOM_120565).VALUE% location and get your free beer.


For Numeric brand custom fields, you can update/set the brand values. This can be used to tabulate 'customers served' etc. Or to track the number of coupons used



In a workflow:



You can query the custom field:




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