How to Submit a Feature Request for ActiveDEMAND

At ActiveDEMAND, we value our client's suggestions and ideas to make our platform stand out. The simplest way for our clients to share their ideas is to create and submit a Feature Request to the team. 


1. Make sure you are logged into Once you are logged in, you should see the 'Community' icon as shown below. Click this icon.



2. Select 'Feature Requests'



3. From here you can browse existing feature requests and vote on them, or create your own feature request by selecting the 'New Post' button on the right hand side.




NOTE: Creating a feature request does not guarantee the feature will be created or when it will be created. We are constantly updating the platform, prioritizing features, and optimizing system performance. The best thing to do is create your feature request and let the community vote on it. We monitor this regularly and requests with a high number of votes are more likely to be implemented than others.


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