Call Routing Rules

Step 1. Click on "Administration" and then down to "Call Tracking Numbers"

Step 2. Toggle to "Advanced Call Forwarding"


Step 3. Select "Add Rule"


Step 4. Make sure to give your rule a straightforward name such as: Weekends, Evenings etc.


Step 5. Add scenarios including the "Call Condition". If the call meets these conditions it will forward instead from the default call forwarding number to the numbers you select here. 


You are able to also choose how the numbers in this rule are chosen such as being in order or calling all at once and connecting to whomever answers first. You can also set the amount of time before moving on from a number. Multiple scenarios can be added and will be executed in order.


Step 6. Once you have configured all your preferences and you have chosen to accept the configured rules, you are able to choose which numbers you would like to apply the rule to. You can edit the numbers by using the pencil icon.

step_6.pngStep 7.  Choose from drop down "Call Forwarding Rule" menu to select the rule you wish to apply to that specific tracked number. Keep in mind if all routing rules are not met, the call will refer back to the original default number.







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