CRM Integration for Agency Reporter

The CRM Integration brings in 'Deals' from your CRM. This enables ActiveDEMAND to report on deals (forecast attribution), revenue (revenue attribution).

Master account and client accounts can both be integrated with CRMs. However, in many cases, agencies themselves will not be using a CRM and instead can utilize ActiveDEMAND as their CRM. The ActiveDEMAND CRM is enabled for the agency master account by default. As the CRM is enabled, the agency master account will have contacts and organizations exposed master account only.


For an account that will utilize the CRM integration, ActiveDEMAND will bring in deals from the CRM. Follow the steps below to integrate the CRM in either client or master account.


Integrating your CRM 

  • Administration--Account Settings--Integrations--Third Party Applications--Add Application
    • Be sure to complete the authentication by selecting the blue icon as shown below


  • The CRM will start to bring in Deals and in the Master Account, it will expose any Contacts associated with those deals.
    • Contacts will only be exposed in the master account CRM integration and cannot be viewed in the subaccount.
  • All imported deals will show up on the deals table:



  • Or using the deals kanban



NOTE: Any changes to deals within the reporting package will NOT impact the existing deals in the CRM in any way.


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