What are the standard form fields when posting to the ActiveDEMAND API?

If you are using the ActiveDEMAND API to post form submits, you are going to have to post to at least a few standard fields.

Below is a list of all the standard field names and field ID's available. Your form submit postings should use these standard fields for any equivalent field on your webform:

Field Name Field ID
First Name field_1
Last Name field_11
Email Address field_21
Phone Number field_31
Long Answer field_41
Website field_51
Contact Date of Birth field_91
City field_101
State/Province field_111
Address field_121
Zip/Postal Code field_131
Company Name field_151
Title field_161
Relationship field_181
Check Box  field_191
Radio field_201
Short Answer field_212
Hidden Email field_217
Hidden ID field_218
Opt In field_219
Pick List field_221
Country field_222
Full Name field_223
Hidden Field field_227
Contact Manager Email field_231
Unsubscribe field_232
Rating field_236
Contact ID field_237
Country Select field_238
Multi-Select field_239
DateTime field_249
Date field_250
Time field_251

When posting to fields that are not the standard fields, the HTML of the form should be exported to get the specific form field IDs. 

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