Agency Reporter - Sales Reports

The Agency Reporter allows the agency to provide their client with easy and valuable information on sales performance generated data from the CRM. The agency can build an informative dashboard for their clients and easily share the information internally.


Dashboards can be easily customized for the client based on the information they deem essential derived from their business model. Here is a link to best practices for building your dashboard How to create dashboards.


Here are some of the many ActiveDEMAND Sales reports that would provide you with beneficial insights into how your marketing and sales strategies are performing.


Sales Performance: Created Deals Weighted Value

This report will show you which sales representative has generated the highest probable revenue by taking account of the deals created within a time range and the probability of them closing.

This report will allow you to manage the performance of your sales team.


Outbound Connection Rates by Salesperson

This report will provide you with a table view of all of the outbound calls made by a salesperson over a selected time period.

This report will allow you to view how many outbound calls were made by a given sales representative. If available, you could be provided with a recording of the conversation for quality assurance purposes.


Phone Call Conversation Keywords

This report utilizes Call Forensics to pull a list of phone calls that contains a set of keyword phrases related to your specific targets.

The report would allow you to show the advantages of using Call Forensics within Call Tracking and ensure that your salespeople are targeting the right products and services.



Sales Rep Performance: Deals

This report will provide you with a table view of all deals created within a time range by each sales representative on the team.

The report will provide you with a detailed look at the deals made, the stage of the deal and approximate value, providing you with a weighted and unweighted end value of total deals within the selected date range.



Sales Performance: Monthly Forecast

This report will provide you with a look at the deals closing within the selected time range for each sales representative, taking into account the weighted probability.

The report will allow you to have a total understanding of which deals will be closing and which sales representative to attribute them to.


Sales Rep Review Forecast (Weighted Value)

This report will provide you with a bar graph view of deals that will be closing within a selected time range and allow you to manage which sales representative is managing the deal. 

The report will allow you to have an understanding of who is managing which closing deals.


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